Uefa Champions League 2014 Prize Money Distribution

Uefa Champions League 2014 Prize Money Distribution
Uefa Champions League Sponsors 2014
Worlds most watched competition today Uefa Champions League . Which holds great deals from the sponsors . Is also paying a great amount of money to the clubs that participate in the top stages. Well from a winning side to a losing side each club pay well . The Uefa Champions League is one competition who is getting more and more popular in all the regions of the world .

2014 Uefa Champions League Uefa Champions League Prize Money Distribution 2014
#NO Stages Earnings
1 Playoffs €2,100,000
2 Base fee for group stage €8,600,000
3 Group match victory €1,000,000
4 Group match draw €500,000
5 Round of 16 €3,500,000
6 Quarter-finals €3,900,000
7 Semi-finals €4,900,000
8 Losing finalist €6,500,000
9 Winning the Final €10,500,000

Well its Difficult to say who will hold the prize money of the 2014 Champions league this year . The competition is getting bigger. Mostly it advanced to La Liga , Serie A , Bundesliga , and Premier League sides. Manchester United , Chelsea , FC Barcelona , AC Milan , Bayern Municn , Real Madrid and some other top clubs always try to hold the this trophy . Its current defended champions are Bayern Munich .

There is always a tough competition between some of the top European teams .  The team who will win the final of the Champions League will get the prize money “€10,500,000” and losing side will collected more then half of the total prize money “€6,500,000”. There are big sponsors that are supporting the Uefa League .