Top 10 Richest Pakistani People of 2015

Most Richest Pakistani People in 2015 – Billionaires by Net Worth
Most Rich Peoples of Pakistan
Pakistan may not be leading in the list of the richest persons of the world but sooner or later in 2014-2015 there may be a Pakistani listed in the World richest peoples list . There are some people who made their worth with the efforts of their business and idea’s . Shahid Khan is the one leading person of the Pakistan in the list .
1) Shahid Khan : Pakistan : Net Worth : $3.8 Billion (increased) :
Most richest man of PakistanOne of the most leading person in the race of the Money is non other then Shahid Khan . The Man who open his eyes in Pakistan became the most richest person . He owns two sports teams one NFL (Jacksonville Jaguars) , and the other one is from English Premier League Fulham FC. He hold’s two Citizenship’s (United States, Pakistan) . Flex-N-Gate  where he worked during his studies at University of Illinois after his Graduation he becomes engineering director for the company .

Source of Income : Flex-N-Gate, Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham F.C.
2) Mian Muhammad Mansha : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1-5 Billion (increased) :
richest billionaire of PakistanHe is prominent Pakistani industrialist and entrepreneur and according to a survey he is the richest person of Pakistan , He live’s in United States and holder of some big industries and companies . He is CEO of Nishat Group , a very popular industry in Pakistan . He was born in Lahore to a wealthy Chinioti family . His Business Nishat Textiles segment, Nishat Textiles is Pakistan’s largest fabric mill , and he is expending it more .

Source of Income : Nishat Group, MCB, Adamjee Group, Nishat Chiniot power
3) Asif Ali Zardari : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1.8 Billion (increased) :
Asif Ali Zardari richest Pakistan President ever Asif Ali Zardari is one of the finest leaders of Pakistan most popular Political Party “PPP” . He served as the 11th President of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013 . He open his eyes in Karachi , Pakistan married to the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (Benazir Bhutto) . He is the only son of Hakim Ali Zardari, a tribal chief and prominent landowner, and Zarrin Zardari . According to some news Sources he is the 2nd Richest Pakistani person , there are many big corruption cases that has been charged on him.

Source of Income : Multiple Sources, Agricultural income, Politics, Government.

4) Nawaz Sharif : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1.4-2 Billion (increased) :
Nawaz Shariff Richest Pakistan Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif he is the only Politician in the Pakistan who become most times Prime Minster ,  The 64 year old open his Eye’s in Lahore , Pakistan to the family Muhammad Sharif . He runs the Political party Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz . But what make him rich person in Pakistan is his Food and Steel Industries . He is the leading business tycoon’s of Pakistan with most Investment in Pakistan and Outside of the Pakistan .

Source of Income : Ittefaq Group, Sharif Group
5) Sir Anwar Pervez : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1.1 Billion (increased) :
Richest Person of the World in 2014Sir Anwar Pervez is a businessman in the United Kingdom of Pakistani origin. He open his eyes in Gujar KhanBritish India before the creation of Pakistan . He is the Chairman Bestway group , holds two Nationalities (Pakistani , British) .  Industry where he invested are Cement, Banking, Cash & Carry (Wholesale) .  He hold’s shares in the United Bank Limited . The 79 year old Business Tycoon received allots of awards for his achievements in Business. Order of the British Empire , EMMA Business Personality of the Year , Asian Businessman of the Year , and Siatra-e-Eisaar by the Government of Pakistan.

Source of Income : Bestway group, United Bank Limited
6) Saddaruddin Hashwani : Pakistan : Net Worth : 1 Billion (increased) :
The richest billionaire of PakistanSaddaruddin Hashwani the Chairman Hashoo Group . He invested in the Business likes “Hotels & Resorts, Oil & Gas ” . The 73 year old born in Karachi , Pakistan . The Hashoo Group of Companies has in its fold, as owners and operators, the Pearl Continental Hotels and Marriott Hotels brands . There are multiple awards he received for his services in World Tourism convention . He received gold medal for distinguished services for hospitality industry in Pakistan .

Source of Income : Marriott Hotels, Pearl Continental Hotel, Orient Petroleum
7) Nasir Schon : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1 Billion (increased) :
Most richest peoples from IslamabadNasir Schon , a richest Pakistani who is Born in Karachi , He invested in the Business of (Real estate, Fertilizer) . His residence is in Dubai, U.A.E . Dubai Lagoon real estate project $830 Million on which he is currently working. He is the CEO Schon Group, Schon Properties .

Source of Income : Schon Group
8) Abdul R Yaqoob : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1 Billion (increased) :
Billionare of Pakistan 2014Abdul R Yaqoob died on 21 February 2014 in London , he is ill from a long period of time . He was born in Surat, British India . Abdul Razzak Yaqoob was appointed the head of the World Memon Organization . He is the man who brings the Ary Group . He is very much popular among the People of Pakistan due to his social work , people give a huge respect for his noble cause’s .

Source of Income : ARY Group , Media, Real estate, Retail
9) Malik Riaz Hussain : Pakistan : Net Worth : $1.1 Billion (increased) :
Bahria Town CEO 2014Malik Riaz the man who build the most successful house and real state business of development like Bahria Town in Pakistan . He born in Sialkot, Pakistan , According to a news sources and survey assets Hussain’s net worth has been subject to several estimations put his assets value round about $2 Billion to $10 Billion , it brings him in the list of the most richest Pakistani . Malik Riaz has made significant contributions towards philanthropy and he is creating hospitals and houses . He is the father of Four daughters and one son, Ali Riaz Awan (CEO , Bahria Tow). He is self made Business tycoons of Pakistan .

Source of Income : Bahria Town
10) Tariq Saigol : Pakistan : Net Worth : $850 Million (increased) :
Tariq Saigol richest PakistaniSaigol group is owned by the Family of ( The Saigol) and its one of the richest companies of Pakistan. The Saigol family and its companies are based in Lahore, Pakistan. Mr Tariq Saigol is the eldest brother in the family and head of the Kohinoor-Maple group , which own’s the Kohinoor textile mills and Maple-Leaf Cement . The investement of the Saigol groups in the different business related to “Energy, car production, Textiles” .

Source of Income : Saigol Group Kohinoor Textile Mills, Pak Elektron Ltd, Saigol Motors, Sajeel Motors

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    There few in this list who made their money using their “Devil minds”. I am sure everyone is aware who Zardari, Nawaz and Mansha looted our beloved country and made their fortune. Today I want to introduce another Crook to this list and his name is Nasir Schon. His actual business is to manipulate people minds and get their hard earned income in to his pocket. I am sure everyone who lives in Karachi aware of his Co-corporate banking scandal. Unfortunately, him and his team is spoiling the name of our country in Dubai as well with their real estate business. They launched a real estate residential project in 2005 and took the money from thousands of investors and so far not even a single unit is ready (Please google Dubai Lagoon or Schon Properties and you will see how frustrated investors are from them). They do not want to face investors as they are not sure what to tell. Real estate was not their domain in the first place and now no one even trust on any Pakistani business. Shame on them

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    This dude, Shahid Khan, does not call himself a Pakistani. Frankly, being born in Pakistan does not make him so. At the same time, the ones who are iving here are not less evils. This Mansha, NS, AZ, Schon and alike have adopted unfair means to gather wealth. They shouldn’t be part of this list if it really is some reflection of one’s achievement. Nothing much to be proud of.

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