The Undertaker Net Worth

Undertaker Aka Mark William Calaway Net Worth
Undertaker Salary 2013

Net Worth : $16 Million

Salary : $1,811,000

Source of Income : WWF , WWE , Movies

Wrestlers Age : 48 Years Old

Country / Birthplace : 

Real Name : Mark William Calaway
Undertaker Biography : Total Career Championships : Total Wins in Wrestler Mania : Awards – Achievements :
The Legend is alive and still working hard with his professional career of Wrestling the 48 Year Old Wrestler Undertaker achieved so much during his career . He married 3 times and his last marriage edition is WWE Diva and Wrestlers trainer Michelle McCool the hottest WWE Diva . Undertaker is always fans favourite his rivals are mostly Kane , The Rock , Stone Cold Steve Austin , Mankind , Kurt Angle , and Shawn Michaels .

Total Career Titles :

  1. World Heavyweight Championship – 3 Times
  2. WWE Champion – 4 Times
  3. Royal Rumble 2007 Winner
  4. WWF Hardcore Championship

Awards – Achievements :

  1. Slammy Award for WWF’s Greatest Hit
  2. Slammy Award for Moment of the Year (2010) vs Shawn Michaels
  3. Feud of the Year 2007
  4. Most Overrated 2001

Wrestling Record : 20 Fights Won in All Wrestle Mania Matches
The Undertaker Movies Collection : TV Appearances :

Mark¬†Calaway aka Undertaker , is one of the famous wrestlers today in the Industry from 90’s he is a professional Wrestler making his debut from WCW to WWE 2013 . Check out in some of the Hollywood movies he appeared as well as on the shows.

Movies as Actor :

  1. Suburban Commando
  2. Beyond the Mat

TV Appearances :

  1. Poltergeist: The Legacy
  2. Downtown
  3. Celebrity Deathmatch
  4. Off the Record with Michael Landsberg
  5. America’s Most Wanted

The Undertaker Cars and Bikes Collection :
Club Chopper : Angle Bike
Club Chopper Bikes 2013
Undertaker is always come on the Bikes in from 90’s to the 2003 and after this he change his style . But his bikes are always the shine light of Smack Down and WWE Raw.

  • Neverheat

    He has also been the World Tag Team Championship 6 times. With Stone Cold Steve Austin (1), The Big Show (2), The Rock (1) and Kane (2).

    And also the WCW World Tag Team Championship 1 time. With Kane.

  • Peter Cashman

    The Undertaker has always been oneida my favorite wrestlers. I’ve been watching Pro-Wrestling since I was knew high to a grass hopper (I’m 61 now), so I’ve seen my fair share of the squared circle.
    I’m hoping that Mr. Calaway knocks the crap outta Mr. Lesner, I will respect Mark Calaway NO MATTER what happens on Sunday, he has EARNED IT !!


  • Siah Jay

    Undertaker was defeated for the 1st time in wrestle mania by brock lesnar and the 3rd time in his career.

  • Dadeo

    Kiss my nutz

    • Dadeo

      It’s time for the undertaker to b put down. Give me 2 million n I’ll get the job done Ill do what Shawn Michaels couldn’t due Use 1 million on rehab after the match n the other mill on retirement