WWE Wrestlers And Divas Weekly Earnings 2015

WWE Wrestlers And Divas Weekly Earnings 2015
All WWE Wrestlers and Divas Earnings 2014
WWE is one of the top money sports in the world , if you are a Body Builder or having some tough skills of Wrestling then try to joing the Wrestling (Entertainment World ) . There is no doubt that WWE is one of the highest paying sports in the world now on. Today we are talking about the Wrestlers salaries , well in the given table you can see the Wrestlers salaries of 2008 and 2012 . There are some estimated Salaries that might not be correct but supter’s with good skills may earn according to their performance and hard work.

List of All WWE Wrestlers Salaries 
Wrestler  Age Estimated Salary – Earnings 2014
richest wwe wrestlers 2014Alberto Del Rio 36 $900,000
top athletes in WWEAntonio Cesaro 33 $450,000
the richest wwe athlete from Britian Wade Barrett 33 $565,000
Top athletes in WWEBig E Langston 27 $450,000
the richest wwe athletes and most strongestBig Show 41 $1,320,000
Top wwe contenders for yearsBooker T 48 $659,000
most expensive WWE Wrestlers 2014Bray Wyatt 26 $350,000
greatest wwe stars everBrock Lesnar 36 $2,000,000
Powerful Wrestlers of 2015Brodus Clay 27 $340,000
the WWE young athletes Camacho 30 $190,000
highest paid atheltes of WWE Christian 40 $605,600
earnings of CM Punk 2014CM Punk 35 $1,840,500
the most powerful wrestlers in the WWE RawCody Rhodes 28 $520,000
best athletes in WWECurt Hawkins 27 $300,000
best wwe fightersCurtis Axel 34 $320,000
Top 30 year old wrestler of RawDamien Sandow 32 $450,000
salary of mr Yes in WWEDaniel Bryan 32 $1,100,000
WWE Wrestler Darren Young 2014Darren Young 30 $400,000
Salary of David Otunga 2014David Otunga 33 $350,000
Salary of Ambrose in WrestlingDean Ambrose 28 $310,000
how much dolph ziggler made from his wrestling sourceDolph Ziggler 33 $850,000
earnings of McIntyreDrew McIntyre 28 $450,000
powerful athleteErick Rowan 32 $220,000
how much this young wwe earnsEvan Bourne 30 $320,000
how much rich is Ezekiel of wweEzekiel Jackson 35 $550,000
best unique wrestler in wwe 2014Fandango 32 $260,000
best paid wrestler since WWF eraGoldust 44 $320,000
how much rich is the Great Khali from WWEThe Great Khali 41 $1,500,000
best young wrestler to Smack DownHeath Slater 30 $270,000
best paid short wrestler in wwe Hornswoggle 27 $200,000
the top paid athlete in WWE 2014 at age Hunico 30 $320,000
top wrestling move's known athlete in wweJack Swagger 31 $702,240
tough wwe athleteJey Uso 27 $255,000
most young athlete in wwe rawJimmy Uso 27 $255,000
best paid wwe Canadian wrestler Jinder Mahal 27 $340,000
best paid wwe wrestler everJohn Cena 36 $3,500,000
top fighter in wwe JTG 29 $250,000
best young wwe wrestlerJustin Gabriel 32 $420,000
the best paid wrestler of wwe Kane 46 $1,700,000
the best paid African wrestler in WWEKofi Kingston 32 $550,000
best momentum wrestler in WWELuke Harper 34 $200,000
the best athletes in the worldMark Henry 42 $950,000
how much does miz earns The Miz 32 $1,120,000
Earnings 2014Primo 31 $250,000
best wwe wrestlers in RawR-Truth 41 $430,000
Best paid Wrestler 2014Randy Orton 33 $2,500,000
the best naucho libre wrestler 2014Rey Mysterio 39 $1,434,445
helper for the Alberto del rioRicardo Rodriguez 27 $45.000
best wwe wrestlers of all time The Rock 41 $2,900,650
Roman regions earnings 2015 in wweRoman Reigns 28 $640,500
top wwe athlete of 2014Ryback 32 $550,500
most funny wwe wrestlerSantino Marella 34 $400,000
most paid wwe star in wrestling todaySeth Rollins 27 $350,000
powerful kick finisher in WWESheamus 35 $1,510,000
the most paid wwe wrestler Sin Cara 31 $450,000
the top tag team wrestler in 2014Tensai 41 $350,000
salary of titus O'Neil earningsTitus O’Neil 36 $400,000
how much rich is the Game from WWETriple H  35 $2,200,502
best young athlete of wwe Tyson Kidd 32 $480,000
how much rich is Undertaker of WWEUndertaker 50 $1,210,000
how much rich is British wrestler William regalWilliam Regal 45 $402,000
good athlete of wrestlingXavier Woods 27 $60,000
see the salary of Yoshi tatsuYoshi Tatsu 26 $260,000
how much zack ryder made from wwe contractZack Ryder 27 $535,050
how rich is RVD Rob Van Dam 35 $750,000


List of All WWE Divas – Female Wrestlers Salaries 
Wrestler  Age Estimated Salary – Earnings 2014
AJ Lee the top diva of 2014AJ Lee 26 $320,000
how rich is AksanaAksana 31 $190,000
Alicia WWE Raw divaAlicia Fox 27 $180,000
richest WWE Divas 2014Brie Bella 30 $280,000
nice ebony diva in WWECameron 26 $100,000
most powerful divas in WWEEva Marie 29 $200,000
the most youngest WWE DivaJoJo Offerman $85,000
Best wrestling divasKaitlyn (In-Active) 27 $150,000
most beautiful diva from BritishLayla El 36 £80,000
the top paid wwe divasNaomi Knight 26 $110,000
Natalya most prominent diva of 2014Natalya 33 $310,000
The most beautiful divas of 2014Kelly Kelly 27 $280,000
top new young diva of wwe Summer Rae 30 $100,000
salary of EMMA ExpectedEmma 23 $90,000
the wwe divas champions Paige 21 £190,000
Nikki bella the most tough divasNikki Bella 30 $280,000
most beautiful USA Models in WWERosa Mendes 33 $230,000
best diva of 2013-2014 in Smack downBeth Phoneix
33 $245,000
best divas of wwe rawTamina Snuka 33 $150,000
best managers of smack downVickie Guerrero 45 $150,000


Salaries Ring Announcer , Commentators
TV Announcer – Commentator Position Estimated Salary – Earnings 2014
Jerry Lawler Commentator $500,000
Matt Striker NXT – Commentator $164,000
Michael Cole Commentator $549,000
Lilian Garcia Smack Down Announcer $220,000
Justin Roberts RAW Announcer $220,000
Brad Maddox Special Events Announcer $220,000
El Torito Mascot of Los Matadores $220,000
Zeb Colter Manager of Jack Swager , Antonio Cesaro


  • WWE Wrestlers are one of the most paid super star they get endorsement deals as well as profit on their merchandise sale
  • Every year there are new Wrestlers and WWE Divas that has been selected from rookies of NXT
  • The Actual salary increase when a super star wins the main event match , he get bonus as well as a good match for the fight of the night.
  • The Rock , John Cena , Randy Orton and CM Punk are one of the toughest wrestlers of 2013 , lets see what magic in Next Wrestlemania will be created

About WWE Wrestlers Salaries :

  • The Winner of the main event match gets bonus + match fees
  • WWE Wrestler pay for the render services they show infront of thousand of the people.
  • Every Month there are title matches that has been happend included the World Heavy weight and WWE Championship and Divas Championship title the winner of the title matches gets extra match bonus.
  • In the Above table some Wrestler salaries may not be correct because they made their debuts in 2013 mid November to Decemebr

Wrestlers – Divas : In-Active Salaries will be updated here Soon

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    How is itpossible that twins, Nikki nad Brie are not the same age.
    Eva marie was not on the main roster in 2012

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    Dont know where u got ur sources from but I got to question the credibility of a list that makes up wrestlers ages. If u cant get their ages correctly then its pretty likely ur making up their salaries. How the hell is nikki bella 33 and bri bella 30??

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      Not all wrestlers get commission from their merchandise, it’s a condition in John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punks contracts so they make commission of those sales

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    randy orton is the best

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    John cena made $5 million per year. his Net worth $ 50 million

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