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Animus Control Panel | A Hacked Aspect Of Assassin’s Creed Origins

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On 18th April Ubisoft released a 5GB large update for Assassin’s Creed Origins. It introduces the Animus Control Panel exclusively for the PC users. As a game user, you can simply tweak almost every parameter of the game and create your own experience. The game developer created three new presets. Here come the details of those Preset.

Presets From The Development Team

◊ Hardcore Stealth: In this preset, you can play the game like a real assassin. You can easily get detected in this preset and that is what makes this Preset more challenging. But when you succeed to survive you can kill any of your enemies with one deadly strike.

◊ God Mode: The God mode preset allows you to play the game like a master. Here you can unleash your supernatural power on your enemies.

◊ Mad World: Here comes the most challenging one. In this preset, you have to survive against not only your enemies but also in the aggressive environment that will make the job really tough for you. So, stay away from sandstorms and have the last laugh.

Besides these three you are absolutely free to change anything and save that as your own preset.

So, what are waiting for? Let’s get the access of Animus Control Panel.

How To Get Access to The Animus Control Panel

To access the Animus Control Panel, log in to your game and hack one of your existing saves. To do so mark one of your previous save and press ‘Q’.

This will create a new save file on a new slot and now you will be able to access Animus Control Panel and play with many settings from the Uplay overlay. Press the Shift Key along with the F2 on your Keyboard or you can open it by clicking on the ACP button to the right side of the screen.

Now, let’s check the options you get in Animus Control Panel…

Animus Control Panel Options

In the tool, there are 70 different parameters which you can change easily. And those are grouped into 9 categories. Here is an overview of those categories.

    • 1Hero: General
    • 2Hero: Fighting
    • 3Hero: Progression
    • World: General
    • NPC: General
    • NPC: Fighting
    • Factions: Hero vs NPC
    • Factions: NPC vs NPC
  • Interactives

Assassin's Creed Origins Animus Control Panel

When you move the cursor over each one of the available editing parameters, a brief description appears to assist you through the changing. Some of the options in the ACP will require you to restart the game before they take effect.

Animus Control Panel PS4

Most importantly the thing that will attract many of you is the skin variations. There are 21 different characters. Using which you can change your appearance. When you change from one skin to the next you don’t need to reload or exit the save it will be saved immediately as you change. You will still use the abilities, weapons, armor, and upgrades of Bayek’s.

While using the Animus Control Panel hacks on Assassin’s Creed origins I have noticed some impact on performance and overall stability of the game. These are some of them…

Common Glitches in Assassin’s Creed Origins – Animus Control Panel

♦ Movement Speed Not Working During ‘Kill Elephant’ Objective

♦ Hacked Mode Tutorial Doesn’t pop up

♦ Benchmark doesn’t collect performance data

In some cases, you may find the movement speed ACP option does not work during Kill Elephant objective. Or in some situations, you will get that the hacked mode tutorial doesn’t pop up. These errors can only be fixed in the next update of Assassin’s Creed origin. So, Let’s wait for the next update.

Anyway, Folks Hope the article helped you to better understand the Animus Control Panel tool of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Enjoy your gaming sessions with the whole new attire. Challenge your gaming skills in a whole new way.

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