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Overwatch Hacker Impersonate The Real Player But Truth Was Revealed!
This is the story of a player who owns his credit by playing his mind in the game. Without cheating the game he earns the best player reward. Kephrii is the best competitive player in Overwatch. He is known as the best Widowmakers in the world. Last week when... Read more
Hacking Battleground Could Ban Your Account – No Effect on Hackers
The Battleground is an online Royale Battle game which is basically a skill test game developed and published by PUBG corporation. But, what if you got caught by a bullet when you are hiding behind a wall. Yes! Sometimes the gameplay ruined by the players who can see through... Read more
Hackers Earning Money For 20 Years By Exploiting MMO Security Flaws
The Hacker well known as Manfred spent his entire two decades of time by searching a way to flirt with the economic side of MMO. In later this week he confessed the matter and also brings up the attention on online gaming security. Is it safe to add your... Read more
An Unpatchable Way To Exploit Nintendo Switch: Latest Nintendo Buzz
From starting of its launch last year, the community of homebrew has been trying to break into the console, in order to unlock potential hybrid. A recent exploit has threatened to unlock the gate entirely after the way had been made. Sources have confirmed that its a “Coldboot Vulnerability”... Read more
Fortnite Mobile Hacking Tools – Unlimited V-Bucks And Much More
Fortnite is one of the successful game in 2018 so far. Of course, it started as a PC game but seeing its popularity it has now available on Android and iOS platforms too. Unlike the other games, there is a uniqueness to this game. In this game, you can... Read more