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Ten Best Hacking Computing Games For Every Aspiring Hacker
Hacking: a word full of enigma and mystery and perhaps used in a negative manner. But if you look closely into hacking, it basically involves code breaking. Ethical hacking is gaining prominence these days and people are even choosing to work as a professional ethical hacker.  Things get easier... Read more
5 Security Measures You Need Applying To Ensure the Protection of Your Game App
In our generation, gaming application is considerably popular and our involvement in it is pretty noteworthy. The game industry is considerably different and developers are evolving with fresh ideas everyday. However, the most significant factor which they overlook is hacking attacks. The competition within the gaming industries is increasing... Read more
Why HTML5 Is Useful For Mobile Web Development
HTML5 is a feature-rich and innovative technology that helps users to create web or mobile applications. It takes a significant part in the development of cross-platform mobile apps like Rhodes, Apache Cordova, and so many more. It provides great flexibility including scripts, development, UI, etc. HTML5 technology comes with... Read more
Wii U was not a popular tool for many hackers for various reasons. However, passionate talented cheaters have never given up on the tool. Perhaps, they took time for good by hacking new games into the old neglected console, creating new life, a new character in their favorite games.... Read more
Hacking Battleground Could Ban Your Account – No Effect on Hackers
The Battleground is an online Royale Battle game which is basically a skill test game developed and published by PUBG corporation. But, what if you got caught by a bullet when you are hiding behind a wall. Yes! Sometimes the gameplay ruined by the players who can see through... Read more