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5 Security Measures You Need Applying To Ensure the Protection of Your Game App 5 Security Measures You Need Applying To Ensure the Protection of Your Game App
In our generation, gaming application is considerably popular and our involvement in it is pretty noteworthy. The game industry is considerably different and developers... 5 Security Measures You Need Applying To Ensure the Protection of Your Game App

In our generation, gaming application is considerably popular and our involvement in it is pretty noteworthy. The game industry is considerably different and developers are evolving with fresh ideas everyday. However, the most significant factor which they overlook is hacking attacks.

The competition within the gaming industries is increasing day by day. Nevertheless, this causes the generation of hacking attacks as well as security issues. Many developers who encountered such issue are still suffering from loss. Although, nowadays young and old developers know about the consequences that may occur if the hacking of an application occurs.

Some enterprise doesn’t realize that if their application is not secured using the security measures, it may corrupt further. It is better to spend pennies at first rather than spending millions later. Well, in that case, Here are 5 security measures you need to know to ensure the security of your game app.

Secure the Code Appropriately

Developers do not recognize mobile malware often causes vulnerabilities and bugs in the design and base of the mobile application. According to some of the reports, there is a malicious code responsible for affecting 11.6 mobile phones and the numbers may increase gradually with time.

Thus, it is important for the developers to identify the security vulnerabilities and get rid of it. Thus immuning the application from reverse engineering so that no malicious or duplicate applications can be installed in the business.

For example, in 2014 a game application called Flappy Bird was pretty famous and became the top application in the iOS app store. Their developers claim that they had a profit of around $ 50,000 every day. However, after a month, around 60 similar applications were manufactured every day and 79% of these were malware.

Keep Your Device Protected

It is essential for the developer to check whether the mobile app sandbox is intact or not. Rooted devices may become a threat as jailbreaking can violate the security of the device. Permissions provided to the applications for contacts and SMS can give access to the malware.

This access to contacts and SMS can then be misused by the hackers for corrupting the application. Thus to get rid of this malware from the applications, it is relevant to plan services and evaluate the associated risks of an app, once it is added to the store.

Secure Your Gateway Correctly

It is essential to secure the in-app purchase system, as if not done correctly, you may lose your money. Therefore, it is helpful to use intrusion detection methods, in the application backend.

Apart from that, the application of obfuscation techniques is necessary, to make it difficult for hackers to hack the application. With these techniques, the process will be quite a money as well as time-saving, granting you security within your budget and time.

Although, one thing that should be kept in mind is obfuscated code can be broken with the help of automated tools. Therefore, it will be useful to you use an appropriate application and cleaning program, if you dont want your application to get corrupted.

Keep Your Application Safe

The third measure to keep in mind is to secure your application. Installation of every application should accomplish with proper identification and if the developer identifies any malware during that process, it is crucial to remove it immediately.

It is not only about the application software but backend API as well. The data of the app should be properly preserved. The data that flows from the application to the application backend should be nicely protected.

There should be adequate protection for long term access with the help of User Pin. Inclusive of that, it is necessary to protect the user session by the two-factor authentication process as well. 

Experts Review

The final and most significant safety measure to keep your application safe is to consult experts. It will be an added benefit if you ask them to review your application. Before launching your application online, make sure some experts who are relevant in the field, monitor and update you regarding the application.

With an increase in game application hacking, enterprises are getting concerned about the safety and security of the app. Thus, ensuring the protection and safety of the applications from malware have become common recently.


Security of a gaming application is an extensive measure that should be taken by all the web developers of a particular enterprise. As, if not taken, it might degrade your device with malware.

Malware stands for software which purposely does damage to your device.

Well, summing up the entire article, to secure your application, firstly you have to secure the code and see if there is any code which is intending to harm your application, as there are many game applications which have a past history of corruption due to malicious code.

It is likewise essential to secure your device by keeping the mobile application sandbox intact. This is because many times the hackers may harm your device with the help of contact or SMS access.

Also, it is important to fulfill the security for payment settings adequately. With that, there must be sufficient techniques to make sure you do not lose any data. Apart from that, security measures should be efficient enough to protect the application from hacking.

Lastly, it is important for experts and specialists to review the application and keep you updated or known throughout the entire process. This step will eliminate any vulnerability that may be present with the app.

Many enterprises and companies now consider the security of gaming applications seriously and also are trying to secure their applications from any threat. That is good news and with the basics of game app security, as discussed above, you too can ensure the safety and security of your game application.

Mark J. McCorkle