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Why HTML5 Is Useful For Mobile Web Development Why HTML5 Is Useful For Mobile Web Development
HTML5 is a feature-rich and innovative technology that helps users to create web or mobile applications. It takes a significant part in the development... Why HTML5 Is Useful For Mobile Web Development

HTML5 is a feature-rich and innovative technology that helps users to create web or mobile applications. It takes a significant part in the development of cross-platform mobile apps like Rhodes, Apache Cordova, and so many more. It provides great flexibility including scripts, development, UI, etc. HTML5 technology comes with some exceptional syntactic features like canvas element, video, audio. These features help the developers to create graphics content and multimedia on the web or web application. It also reduces the necessity of using plugins or API.   

Most of the companies throughout the globe have considered HTML5 as a top class preference for mobile app development as it works irrespective of screen resolution or size of the device. Such apps for being extremely user-friendly and business productive, benefiting both the consumer and the business owner.  

If you are unaware of the advantages of HTML5 on mobile web development, then this guide can help you a lot. Here in this guide, you will know the benefits of utilizing HTML5 technology for mobile web development. 

Advantages of HTML5 for Mobile Web Development

HTML5 and mobile web development are two significant technologies right now. There are a lot of benefits of using HTML5 for mobile web development. Let’s have a look at the points explained below. 

Robust Features

Several domains of apps are available in the market. Hence, it is necessary for the developers to stand with a single tool with versatile features. HTML5 comes with a perfect platform which could improve several things. In addition, there are also several useful applications with exceptional features that use HTML5 which have given a huge success to HTML5 mobile web development. The probable reason behind it is that the development of web applications as well as cross-linking user interfaces can be performed easily with HTML5. 

Cross-platform Compatibility 

HTML5-based mobile applications run on various Operating Systems like Windows, BlackBerry, and Android. You can also run such applications from any server configuration. That means you can run the same code everywhere. If you write the code for once, HTML5 mobile apps allow freedom of flexibility. When a developer is designing through HTML5 technology, he will get all the freedom to use different tools, libraries, and frameworks without negotiating the user’s experience.  


HTML5 helps the developer to use a single line of code and still create an application that consistently runs over all devices and platforms. This is beneficial for companies that have budget limitations but still wish to grab users through several platforms and devices.  

Video Content Made Easier

HTML5 mobile web development gives native support for video and audio elements. With the usage of HTML5 technology, users no longer need to download a plugin to play a YouTube video. HTML5 comes with the functionality of accessing content on a range of devices including the tablet and smartphone devices available in the market. Another significant advantage is the HTML5 embedded video and audio files.

Easily Available Manpower

For app development, you always need a team of developers who can help you successfully achieve your project. HTML5 is one of the most popular technologies that is used by programmers across the globe. Hence, your company can easily find a quality HTML5 developer. Whereas, iOS and Android developers are not that easy to find. Thus, with HTML5, manpower is easily and readily available.  

Remotely Updated

Mobile Applications that use HTML5 need to be updated for every mobile platform separately as compared to hybrid or native applications that need to be updated for different devices and Operating Systems. The updating process of HTML5 is easy to perform because the applications get remotely updated on the server.

Deployment Made Easier

Extensive codes and scripts are used in native methods of creating mobile apps. There are also some practices about the deployment of the respective web store. But for HTML5 based applications, this procedure goes much simpler as there are many fractional parts that are to be installed which can be deployed easily utilizing open-source JavaScript while opening the application. 

Hosting an app is considerably more beneficial if the app gets notable popularity on the web store. On another hand, native applications have several terms & conditions and policies which need to be followed before going live. 

Rich Web Applications

Rich Web applications are like a bridge between the desktop and the browser. These apps interact with the local system of the user to provide multi-device experience. Technologies like Silverlight and Adobe Flash have offered this functionality to developers to create rich user experiences. This functionality comes in the form of plugins to enhance the functionality of the web browser. 

HTML5 comes with the functionality to store as well as retrieve files from the system of the user. HTML5 also makes it simpler for web applications to access the file from any web browser that supports HTML5 technology. By using this functionality with HTML5 canvas API’s, developers will be able to design vector-based graphics.

Summing it Up…

In this discussion, we have explained some advantages of using HTML5 for mobile web development. We hope, after going through this discussion, you are now aware of the benefits of applying HTML5 for mobile web development.

HTML5 can be effectively used for creating mobile apps that are engaging and rich in functionalities. Hence, if you are in this business of mobile web development, you can surely give HTML5 a try.

Mark J. McCorkle