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Wii U was not a popular tool for many hackers for various reasons. However, passionate talented cheaters have never given up on the tool....

Wii U was not a popular tool for many hackers for various reasons. However, passionate talented cheaters have never given up on the tool. Perhaps, they took time for good by hacking new games into the old neglected console, creating new life, a new character in their favorite games. How far the hacking and modding community concern, hearsay of Wii U’s unavailability is highly overestimated.    

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Speaking of Wii U modding, no one can ignore Super Smash Bros a.k.a Sm4sh. Starting from introducing various stages and addition of Goku from Dragon Ball Z to Metal Gear Solid.  Sm4sh is constantly refreshing the games with fresh content based on community feedback.

However, the modding screen was not easy earlier though. Adding a level for Sm4sh, they could do so only by manipulating the raw hex data. Although, the process is very complex and time-consuming as well, unlike Skyrim and Starcraft II, where official editing tool is inbuilt

“When I started making Wii U tools,” says jam1garner, “I definitely had a mentality that if any old idiot couldn’t make mods with existing tools then it wasn’t easy enough for experienced modders, model makers, artists and other talented people to be able to effortlessly produce great content for people like me to enjoy.”

In spite of having a ground level knowledge of Sm4sh files and codes, jam1garner decides to edit the work with other modders. It was a massive success by giving a painting interface for wireframe stages there would be no need for text file editing. Modder takes the advantage of editing the file and making their own custom level and release it without a scope of re-editing.

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Jam1garner decided to go far deeper and started to build Smash Forge, a broader and wider editing mode which capable of editing not only the stages of the game but also a different aspect of the game by leaving it cool and customize setting for Characters and special abilities.

“Smash 4 modding is as strong as ever and still has momentum,” he says. The same is applicable for homebrew development, which will allow you to customize the game just the way you want.

“I feel that mods on all the devices I use are so integral to my usage of the products,” as he aptly puts it. “I don’t need them to have fun but if I’m already having fun it gives me more use out of something I otherwise wouldn’t play as much.”

The Community of Wii U is all about bringing all the gamers together by creating cool and interesting content for the everyone. SonicBrawler is worth mention when speaking of modding community, his contribution to the modding character includes Shadow the Hedgehog for Sm4sh and D.Va for Overwatch. There are many but through these notable contributions, he made his wide fan following and friends.

“It makes me feel good that I can entertain/help people, and that I can make friends doing what I love,” he says.

When people participate in Smash Bros tournament, fans always thanked him for making their favorite game exciting. Through this love and encouragement, SonicBrawler kept modding games even Nintendo neglected Wii U. However, he decided to keep on using the Wii U and give his friend and fans creative good content to enjoy.

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“A lot of my closest friends I have made through the Wii U. My college has a Smash Bros weekly and so every Saturday I bring my setup with mods and people have fun playing as Mr. Krabs against a Shopping Cart, or Shy Guy taking on the weird internet meme of Sonic. Seeing people have a good time because of something I did makes me really happy.”  

Mark J. McCorkle